GypsuMax® is a cost-effective synthetic gypsum solution proven to increase crop yields. Try GypsuMax now and see the difference

Benefits of GypsuMax

  • Aids in disease prevention
  • Increases crop yields
  • Greater water solubility, allowing nutrients to be immediately available
  • Improves drainage through particle and clay flocculation
  • Improves soil structure
  • Decreases compaction through flocculation
  • Reduces soil crusting and cracking to improve soil tilth and water infiltration
  • Improves uniformity of plant growth
  • Reclaims fields high in sodium and magnesium found in low quality soils and irrigation water
  • Improves physical and chemical properties of soils when used as a soil amendment
  • Reduces soil erosion, loss of nutrients, and phosphorus concentrations
  • Mitigates subsoil acidity and aluminum toxicity
  • Enables better root penetration and uptake for plant nutrients such as nitrogen, sulfur, and water

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